Uniform Shop

2019 Uniform Shop

Our last day selling uniforms is Wednesday 10th April.

Our Uniform Shop opens every Wednesday from 9am – 10am during school term.


Online Uniform Shop

Welcome to our online uniform Shop. A convenient service to avoid queues and limited parking spaces around our school. Once your order is filled we will notify you to confirm your order is ready for collection. Please refer to the Uniforms Size Guide for assistance with uniform sizes. Terms of Online Payment: Major credit cards via PayPal.  Note: credit card payment will incur 3% surcharge fee. Payment cannot be made via the school website.

Our school uniform is compulsory and to keep costs low and provide a quality product to families, the P&C services the Uniform Shop.  The P&C is a non-profit organisation, and all surplus funds generated goes back to our school. We try to keep our prices constant and they may change at any time without further notice due to unforeseen price variations.

The first 3 weeks of each school term are our busy times.  It is important you read our policies and procedures with in-store and online purchases, to ensure we can serve everyone in a timely manner.  During busy times you may experience some inconvenience and we appreciate and thank you for your support.

Please see our Uniform Requirement List for each term.

Our Uniform shop is run by a team of volunteer parents. If you would like to join our team and volunteer an hour every Wednesday to help with the uniform shop, please complete the Volunteer form on the Volunteer page of the P&C website or send us an email pcmbps+uniformshop@gmail.com. Even if it is once a term or you are happy to be a regular you will be more than welcome to join our great Uniform Shop team.

In store purchases are recommended for small purchases that require little or no fitting, generally 3 items or less.
The Uniform Shop is in the first door on the left down the first driveway under the Principal’s office.
General Opening Times
Wednesday mornings 9 am to 10 am during school term
Terms of instore payment: Major credit cards via Paypal, PayID, Direct Bank Transfer and Cash
Note credit card payment will incur 3% surcharge fee. Cheques are not accepted.

It is important to clearly label with your child’s name on all their uniforms and items. Remember to check ‘Lost Property’, located near the school office, for any missing uniform items.

We always welcome second-hand uniforms donated in good condition, they are very popular. Please visit in store and view our second hand uniform items. All proceeds raised are directed back to our school.

There are no refund or exchanges with second hand purchases.

Alteration Service

Drop off and pick up every Wednesday 9-10am in-store. Please bring your child and uniform to make necessary alterations. Inquire at the counter.

$15 – Pants (shorten and lengthen)

$15 – Tunic (shorten and lengthen)

$20 – Blazers Sleeve (shorten and lengthen)

$25 – Tunic (shorten and lengthen) plus body alteration

$35 – Blazers sleeve (shorten and lengthen) plus body alteration

Returns & Exchanges Policy

All returns and exchanges are made within 14 days with proof of purchase and the return or exchange in original condition at the time of purchase (i.e. with labels & tags, unworn, unaltered).

There are no refund or exchanges with second hand purchases

Note: for hygiene reasons we cannot accept returns of hats, socks or tights.

If you cannot get to the uniform shop, please e-mail the uniform shop at pcmbps+uniformshop@gmail.com. and leave the items that need to be returned or exchanged at the school office with a note containing your child’s name, class and your contact details (i.e. your name, phone and e-mail).
Please ensure items are in their original condition as at time of purchase (i.e. with labels & tags, unworn, unaltered) with proof of purchase to be accepted for return or exchange.



  • 需要有标牌、挂牌
  • 没有被穿过
  • 没有变形,褶皱



如果您无法找到校服在线商店,请发送电子邮件给 pcmbps+uniformshop@gmail.com校服在线商店邮箱。或者您也可以在学校办公室留下需要退回或交换的商品并附上包含您孩子姓名,班级和您的联系方式(即您的姓名,电话和电子邮件)便签。

Tất cả đồ trả hay đổi cái khác, chỉ có hiệu lực mua vòng 14 ngày, với biên nhận và đồ còn nguyên trạng lúc mua.
– với nhãn / thẻ
– chưa mặc
– không sửa đổi

Không có hoàn lại tiền và không được đổi với các món hàng cũ.

Vì lý do vệ sinh, chúng tôi không nhận đổi hoặc hoàn trả lại nón.

सभी रिटर्न और एक्सचेंजेस  के लिये, आइटम खरीद के समय ,कृपया  बिल  लेना  मत भूलना और सुनिश्चित कर लेना कि आइटम उनकी मूल स्थिति(लेबल और टैग, नाया,अनॉल्टर्ड) में हैं।
सभी रिटर्न और एक्सचेंजेस खरीद के 14 दिनों के भीतर हि किए जाते है।आपको खरीद  का प्रमाण(बिल) प्रदान करना होगा और चीजें उनकी मूल स्थिति में होनी चाहिए(लेबल  और टैग के साथ, नाया, अनॉल्टर्ड )।दूसरे हाथ की खरीद के साथ रिफंड या एक्सचेंज नहीं हैं।
नोट: स्वच्छता के कारण हम टोपी की वापसी को स्वीकार नहीं कर सकते।
अगर आप  वर्दी कि दुकान पर  नहीं जा सकते हैं, तो कृपया वर्दी कि दुकान को “pcmbps+uniformshop@gmail.com” पर ईमेल करें और उन आइटमों को स्कूल कार्यालय में एक नोट(बच्चे का नाम, कक्षा, आपका नाम, फोन और ईमेल आईडी) के साथ छोड़ दे।
모든 반품 및 교환은 영수증과 구매후 14일내로 이루어져야 하며, 물품은 구매시 원상태로 있어야 합니다. (예; 라벨과 택, 미착용, 비수선)
중고품을 구입하셨을 경우에는 환불이나 교환이 안됩니다.
주의: 위생상의 이유로 모자는 반품이 안됩니다.
유니폼 가게에 오실 수 없으면,
이메일을 pcmbps+uniformshop@gmail.com으로 보내십시오. 그리고 반품 또는 교환하려는 물품과 아이의 이름과 연락처(예; 아이 학년반, 부모이름과 전화번호 또는 이메일 주소)가 담긴 노트를 학교 사무실에 맏겨두십시오.
반품과 교환을 위해서 물품은 모두 구매시 원상태(예; 라벨과 택, 미착용, 비수선)로 돌려주시기를 부탁드립니다.
Girls Winter Uniform Terms 2 & 3

Girls Winter Uniform Terms 2 & 3

Boys Winter Uniform Terms 2&3

Boys Winter Uniform Terms 2&3

Sports Uniform

Sports Uniform

Girls Summer Uniform Terms 1&4

Girls Summer Uniform Terms 1&4

Boys Summer Uniform Terms 1&4

Boys Summer Uniform Terms 1&4



School bags

School bags

Winter Uniform update

Most of our winter stock has arrived.  We are waiting on Boys Long Sleeve Shirts which will arrive in the next few weeks. Winter Uniform is available to purchase. read more