P&C Meetings

Meetings are held in the School Staff Room, on Wednesday nights at 6.30 pm in weeks 3 and 8.

Everyone (members and non-members) in the school community is welcome to come along.

Be the first to hear direct from the Principal, ask questions and meet other parents. It is a great opportunity to find out what is going on in our school.

Light refreshments are always available.

Next P&C Meeting

Wednesday, 12 February 2020 at the School Staff Room, 6:30pm start

Meeting #1 Term 1, Week 3 Wednesday 12th February 2020
Meeting #2 Term 1, Week 8 Wednesday 18th March 2020
Meeting #3 Term 2, Week 3 Wednesday 13th May 2020
Meeting #4 Term 2, Week 8 Wednesday 17th June 2020
Meeting #5 Term 3, Week 3 Wednesday 5th August 2020
Meeting #6 Term 3, Week 8 Wednesday 9th September 2020
Meeting #7 Term 4, Week 3 Wednesday 28th October 2020
AGM and Meeting #8 Term 4, Week 8 Wednesday 2nd December 2019



Each year we hold our AGM (Annual General Meeting). This is where we vote in the P&C Executive Committee for the following year. All positions are made vacant on the night.

All financial members are can be nominated for any of the positions. You can nominate yourself, or other financial members. All nominations require a second financial member to second them.
To become a financial member, complete the below membership form, place it in an envelope with your $1 membership fee and drop it into the yellow P&C box located in the school office foyer.  Note: no change will be given and anything extra will be assumed to be a donation to the P&C.

Membership commences at the end of the next general meeting after the membership fee is paid and is valid until the end of the next AGM.

Membership must be paid for prior to nominations being submitted. Completed nominations must be received by the Secretary prior to the AGM. 

Nominations will be accepted on the night from the floor, but nobody who joins on the night can vote, nominate, or second a nomination.

If you think you are interested in being a part of the P&C or you want to find out more information about the Executive Committee roles, please email us at info@mbpspandc.org.au.

P&C Membership Form                                   Nomination Form