Let’s Have Art! – Our Art Program

Our P&C administers our fantastic Art Program which has been made possible through the generous support from the Crown Resorts Foundation and the Packer Family Foundation.


Since the inception of our Art Program we have achieved the following:

  • —Provided a dedicated teacher to deliver art
  • Expanded children’s knowledge, joy and passion for art
  • Established an art hub which consists of two dedicated rooms and a website https://mariebashir-p.schools.nsw.gov.au/visual-arts.html
  • —Extended our art program to include Lucas Gardens School (special needs), Fairfield Public School (high percentage of refugee students) and Homebush Public School
  • Held our inaugural Art Show in 2017 which showcased over 500 artworks by students from Kindergarten to Year 6


Excellent Results

Some of our students have achieved some great results:

  • —Leon – Young Archie Finalist 2016
  • —Ian – Operation Art Exhibition Finalist 2018
  • —Hanbin – Young Archie Honourable Mention 2018


Art Show 2017

Our inaugural Art Show was held in 2017. We were even featured on Channel 7’s Sunrise program.

Some of our children’s fantastic art created for the show included:

Our experience

Just a short note to say thank you for the wonderful art program that Marie Bashir Public School has been running over recent years.
My daughter spends a lot of her spare weekend time now creating artwork, rather than as previously using a device of some kind. She really enjoys drawing & painting and we love the fact that she is developing a keen interest in art. Thanks again.

–       Alan

Our experience

My daughter once asked me what subjects I learned at school. And I said that there were 6 and could not remember the 6th subject. So she said that it could be art. Coming from India there was no art for me growing up.
She immediately said that “ how lucky she is to have an art teacher and how much she enjoys art.
In this fast paced digital  world I believe that it is really important for their growing minds to have art and so to have a connection to oneself and be creative.

–       Rohini

Our experience

My daughter comes home and says the best part of her day is art and would happily tell me all about what  she did in art.   It would mean a lot to me and my daughter to have continued access to art lessons.

–       Monica

Our experience

My daughters enjoy their art classes. Art is a  good way to allow them to communicate in a non verbal method, to explore their creativity and use their imagination. I cannot thank you enough for the opportunities given to the children by this grant.

–       Allyson

Our experience

Our daughter loves to create now and is rather good.  This was not the case until she came to MBPS, so thanks so much for introducing such creativity and enjoyment into her school life.

–       Debra

My daughters love their art classes,  they are both creative, thank you for allowing them to strengthen this skill. They are very happy every time art class is on and can’t stop talking about it.

–       Nancy

Our experience

I’m amazed at what the children have achieved and accomplished during their art classes. They are developing confidence in expression and learning different art forms … and really, becoming discerning little artists.

–       Nazareena

Having a specialised and dedicated art teacher means our kids have worked on special projects with colourful soft pastels and sculptures of the rainforest.

–       Anne

Our experience

My daughter has always loved art, whether it be painting, drawing, building or sculpting. However fantastic her imagination. Since working with a specialist art teacher, I’ve seen her skills develop dramatically. She’s learnt to experiment with form and style and always talks animatedly about what she’s done in  art class. She’s also developed an interest in the appreciation of art. After listening to a podcast, she was eager to tell Ms Smith about Margaret Olley, and share her art with the class. She even requested an outing to the art gallery in the school holidays to visit some of Margaret Olley’s paintings. When there she talked excitedly about the colours and images on the walls, and came home to try to copy what she’d seen. Without a doubt, the art program at Marie Bashir Public School has helped my daughter develop her skills, gain confidence and appreciation for the arts. We are very proud of her and very grateful for the Crown Resorts Foundation and the Packer Family Foundation and their generous grant.

–       Isabel

Our experience

Lucas Gardens school has been participating in the art program with Marie Bashir public school for 3 years.

Lucas Gardens is a special school that caters for students with severe and moderate intellectual disabilities ,many having additional needs such as physical disabilities ,sensory needs and autism.

Six of our students  travel on our school bus every Monday morning to Marie Bashir school. This experience not only supports our students to be part of an art program which allows them to sit, listen be creative and learn from their peers. It also gives the students from Marie Bashir an  understanding and  awareness of what our students can achieve.

This has been an invaluable experience and we hope to continue.

Jenny Zagas


Lucas Gardens School