Welcome to the Marie Bashir Public School

Parents and Citizens Association

  • We are not part of the school, but work with the school
  • We are a charity
  • The Education Act 1990 ensures a P&C Association may be established at any government school
  • Anyone can be a member
  • The MBPS P&C is an organisation consisting of parents, carers, teachers and citizens that work together to make a difference to the educational outcomes of the students.
  • Fundraising – we raise extra funds for our school & children’s education
  • Build community – Bring parents, citizens, children, teachers, and staff together
  • We run the Uniform Shop and School Banking
  • We apply for grants – e.g. Art Grant
  • We run events – e.g. School Disco, Family Fun Fair, Easter Raffle…
  • We provide a forum in which parents can develop their partnership with the school and articulate their aspirations for their children’s education
  • Report to the Minister, when requested
  • Establish school policy and management in our school
  • 100% money raised is for resources for our school – e.g. Board games for wet days, school garden, extra classroom resources
  • Provide extra equipment for our school
    • High jump mats
    • 36 coloured lunch tables and benches
  • Raising funds through grants to upgrade and improve school facilities – e.g. Resurfaced sports court

We are always glad to see new faces.